Toll prices

Tolls for the Lane Cove Tunnel and Military Road E-Ramp are adjusted each quarter in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

There are two vehicle classes for tolling:

  1. Passenger vehicles - motorcycles, cars, cars and trailers, provided these vehicles are 2.8 metres or less in height and 12.5 metres or less in length
  2. Heavy vehicles - all other vehicles.

The current tolls (applicable from 1 October 2015) are:

Lane Cove Tunnel

  Passenger vehicles* Heavy vehicles*
Lane Cove Tunnel (eastbound) $3.16 $7.72
Lane Cove Tunnel (westbound) $3.16 $7.72

Military Road E-Ramp

  Passenger vehicles* Heavy vehicles*
Military Road E-Ramp $1.58 $3.86

*All prices shown include GST.